Signs you should quit your job

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We all come to the stage when feels like we can’t deal with it anymore. Need to change but don’t know how. Doing a job where you don’t feel or get any kind of satisfaction is totally depressing.

At this very point, most of UK workers feel the same and as they have stated, they are going to look for another job soon.

Here are some signs you should quit and look for another job:

1. Bad management
We know what does it means. A manager who thinks that knows more than you and it is totally opposite, a manager who is getting paid double more than you for basically doing nothing, a boss who is rude… we all been through that.
The only thing you could do is to go directly to the boss itself, tell how do you feel and where are the limits. Do not be rude or aggressive, give them a chance to change something. If nothing happens in the near future, forget about them and move on!

2. Bad vibes
That feeling when you wake up and realise that you have to go to work for 8 hours surrounded by people who are negative, pessimistic or disrespectful. This is also one of the top reasons why people are leaving and changing jobs.

3. You are underpaid
Before you ask for a pay rise, make sure you have done all research about the role you are doing. For example, make sure you have calculated everything – experience, degree, how often you’re late etc.
On another hand, if your boss is asking you to stay longer to finish all work but it has not visible on your account at the end of the month, of course, you should ask for a meeting. Or, if you have been working for a long period of time for the same company, and by years your responsibilities got higher it is time to ask for pay rise.

4. Too stressed
This is something that became very common nowadays, especially in the city such as London. Competition is extremely high and hundreds of people apply for that one job position. This is why we are trying very hard to keep ‘head above water’ as we know how easy is to get replaced. Even so, this is not a reason to allow your boss to give you more work than you should do. If you feeling depressive about your work even when you are not there then it is a sign that you should quit. Health first!

5. Having no personal life
No matter what is your job role, you should have never take work home. Checking emails on the phone while travelling home? Sound familiar? Do not do it. Once you have finished work for today, try to switch off and dedicate yourself to things you like. It might sound too much but if continuing like that you won’t even realize when your work became your life.

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