Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy will explain which personal data we collect from you. Please read the following notes very carefully to understand everything about your personal data.

This Privacy Policy explains:

• What information we collect
• How we use that information
• How we may share that information
• How we protect your information
• Your choices regarding your Personal


• How to contact us with questions about this Privacy Policy
• Our Safe Harbor Privacy Policy

What if I do not agree with this Privacy Policy?

If you do not agree with our processing of your data in the manner outlined in the Policy, please do not submit any personal data to us.

Who is the controller of the data that you provide to us?

ZJ Services is the controller of the data that has been provided from you and we ensure you that all data that you supply to us is processed lawfully.

What information will we collect? How will we use it?

We will collect data such as your name and contact details and information in a CV and we will store them securely. We will use this information in order to:

• To inform you about newest offers that may be suitable for you
• To send your CV and necessary details to Employers if they may match your criteria
• To allow you to upload, edit and send your CV in order to apply for jobs
• To choose/use/match our services which may be of interest to you such as permanent or temporary vacancies, types of contract etc.
• To help us make our services more valuable to you
• To send you latest promotions and offers
• To answer all your questions

In the event of a sale or transfer, we reserve the right to pass your information to a third party. In case if it comes to this situation, you will be informed.

Where will my information be held and how can I access them?

All the personal information that you provide to use may be accessible by the third parties. Some of those third parties may be outside of the EEA. In case we are sending your personal information to the country which is outside the EEA, we will do everything needed to protect your rights.

Which information do you hold and can I change any of these?

You are allowed to check what information we have about you, also you can request to update, edit or modify some of these. There are certain situations when we may reject your request and to charge an administration fee.

You can request to unsubscribe from job alerts at any time. Please contact us.

For how long are you keeping my information?

By law, we are required to hold your information as long as possible.

How we collect information about visitors to our websites?

We collect information about visitors who use our website with a purpose to improve our services. We are trying to understand our users and to discover which pages are popular, what is most interesting to you. We may share this information with third parties.

Those data that we collect include date and time of visit, location (IP address), email and pages that have been visited.

Links to other websites

When clicking on the links which are posted on our Website from other websites – their data policy may be different than our Privacy Policy. You are responsible to check and read carefully their Privacy Policy, as ZJ Services does not guarantee that information collected from them will be same as we collect. We don guarantee third-party actions.

Change to our Privacy Policy

If we change anything about this Privacy Policy, you can inform yourself at any time on the Website. You can check which information we collect and how do we use them.