How to pass an interview?

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We all know how difficult is to get prepared for a job interview. We do share your opinion, that job interviews in London are harder to pass than anywhere else in England.

How do the recruiters choose the real candidate?

There are special programs which automatically divide candidates based on main words recruiter add-on. So once the first ‘circle’ of choosing is done, it’s time for another one. In this phase, the system is choosing most suitable candidates for an interview.

If you are good (and lucky) enough to come to this stage, let’s see how you can get ready for an eye to eye interview.

1. Try to be yourself – Recruiters have interviewed for thousands of candidates so far. They are very good at what they are doing and know exactly what they are looking for. Try to convince them why you are the best for this job, but don’t be arrogant or too confident. No one likes to work with ‘I’m smarter than you’ person.

2. Be honest. If recruiters ask you something that you don’t know, say it. But, say that you are very happy to have a chance to upgrade your knowledge and learn so many new things in this company. Also, if you lie about previous experience and get the job – be sure that lie will come back to you as you will get a task to do which you don’t know how to implement. Honesty is the key.

3. Lead the interviewers through your work experience. Try to tell them as much as you can about previous achievements. They do want to know what you can do for their company.

4. On another hand, do not talk too much. Give them enough time to understand everything you said and try to avoid yes/no answers. For everything you say – need to have an example to support your story.

5. Most of the recruiters will ask you what are your greatest strengths and weaknesses. For example, by strengths, you may say discipline, honesty…. Or by weaknesses, you may say for example being too critical.

6. Nowadays, during the job application salary information will be included. However, if not, wait until the end of the interview because usually, recruiters leave this topic for the very end. In case they don’t mention, ask how your skill will be recognised in the company. They will know what are you asking them.

7. Also, at the end of an interview recruiters will ask if you have any question. It is a good idea to keep one or two for the end. In case you don’t have any, ask when you will be informed about results of this interview.

8. If you do not get this job, you can call back the company and ask for feedback on how your interview went. It is a very good way to get better prepared for another one.

9. Even if realise during the interview that you are probably not going to get this job, try to end an interview on a positive note. You may come again to the same company in future.

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